Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 11 April 2014

Strong Guys Pay Tribute to Strong Guy

Arnold Schwarzenegger's fans at Grauman's Chinese Theater

Our Los Angeles Tour Guests Have Fun with the Terminator

By the time we get to Grauman’s Chinese Theater on our private Los Angeles tour our guests are very used to having us photograph them as they enjoy the sights and sounds of Hollywood and Los Angeles.  Having done this for so long we know lots of poses that we can suggest but sometimes our families are so into it that they create pictures for us without our even urging them.  The men in this family knew immediately how to pay tribute to Arnold Schwarzenegger when we got to the Chinese Theater forecourt.  Spring break is a busy time for us with families coming out here to enjoy our fine spring weather – warm days and sunny skies means shorts and t-shirts.  More than anything, though, it is fun for our guests and fun for us.

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