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Hollywood Sign – One Famous Revision

Hollywood reads Hollyweed in this 1976 revision of the sign

The Hollywood Sign Our Los Angeles Tour Guests Will Not See

It was January 1, 1976, the date a new California law relaxing marijuana restrictions went into effect and Danny Finegood made sure everyone in Los Angeles was aware of the change.  He modified the famous Hollywood Sign to read “Hollyweed”.  This was just the first of several Hollywood Sign pranks masterminded by Finegood (“Holywood” and “Ollywood” were to follow).  There were others conceived but not carried out including an April Fool’s prank to make the sign seem to disappear.  Today the sign is well protected against vandalism with fences and cameras and the vigilance of law enforcement in the area.  A modern Danny Finegood would have his work cut out for him to change the look of the recently refurbished, world renowned icon.  Our guests enjoying views of the sign during a custom private Los Angeles tour still marvel at the 30ft. tall letters on the steep side of Mt. Lee overlooking Hollywood and Los Angeles and they love the photographs we take of them admiring the sign and the views around it.

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