Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 21 April 2014

The Giant Mice of Hollywood Boulevard

Our guest gets between Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Our Littlest Los Angeles Tour Guest Loves the Mice

And the mice love him.  Disney is all around Hollywood, not just at Disneyland to the south of the city.  Disney Studios is just over the hill from where Mickey and Minnie ply their mouse pads on Hollywood Boulevard so these large rodents had a short trip to work.  Walt’s original garage studio is nearby in Los Feliz and his large scale model train is set up in nearby Griffith Park and open for visits by the public once a month.  Just to the left of the frame of the above photograph is Disney’s El Capitan Theater and the Disney Store.  The street also harbors other famous Disney movie characters who will pose for photographs with our private Los Angeles tour guests while we snap the photo.  We wondered how the human souls of these two costumed figures manage in the rising heat as summer approaches.  We kept watching and then we knew.  Convertibles.  Just put the top up.

Mickey and Minnie take a break on Hollywood Boulevard

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