Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 22 April 2014

Chinatown – Important in Los Angeles History

An entrance to Chinatown in Los Angeles

Our Private Los Angeles Tour Downtown Visits Chinatown

The history of Chinatown in Los Angeles is both heartbreaking and inspiring.  We find it well worth a walk through the district and and a stop at one of the outstanding bakeries for a timely snack as we talk with our private tour guests about Los Angeles in the mid-19th century when California was just becoming a state and a new Chinese population was taking root where Union Station stands today.  The small population, mostly men, provided labor for building and rail projects in the booming city.  Over time the group flourished but were dislocated when the great train station was constructed.  It took creativity and effort by supporters in the business community to envision, finance and build a New Chinatown along Broadway just north of the city.  Today this community is robust and vital, a major part of the cultural heritage of a city even more connected to China than ever before.

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