Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 8 May 2014

Beverly Hills Stopper

Custom jalopy seen in Beverly Hills

Whoa! Says Our Los Angeles Tour Guest

That’s right. We had to stop our custom van, especially built for ground tours in swanky neighborhoods, so our guest (and the guide) could photograph this fine custom jalopy parked on the street in this Beverly Hills neighborhood.  We could see continuing the tour in this beautifully redone relic of American automobile ingenuity but it would not be as comfortable as our own individual leather seats, large windows and, in this extra warm weather of late, effective air-conditioning.  Seldom do we complete a private Los Angeles tour without taking notice of the various automobiles we see throughout the city and neighborhoods.  We are a car town if there ever was one.  We even offer a tour option allowing our guests to select a fancy automobile to be used for their tour.  Rolls Royce, Bentley, Mercedes or just a beach cruising convertible – all these are possibilities to be explored.  However, classic and antique model cars are generally only available for Hollywood film use and are likely no longer street legal.  That’s a shame.  We should talk to Jay Leno about this.  Maybe he’ll let us borrow one of his cars from time to time.

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