Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 19 May 2014

There’s Magic in Hollywood

Hollywood's Magic Castle

Our Private Tour Guests Delight in the Magic of the Magic Castle

Let us make this perfectly clear.  The Magic Castle – a theater for the world’s greatest magicians, illusionists, prestidigitationists and mind-benders, a restaurant and a museum of magic – is a private club.  Members only!  Coat and tie formality, and a membership card, get you through the spooky incantation door into the building where dining, drinks and magical entertainment await.  So how, ask our private Los Angeles tour guests, do we get to enjoy a evening at the Magic Castle?  Well, if you are friends with a member you can enjoy a reservation for dinner and a show courtesy of your friend.  Or, you can arrange to stay at the Magic Castle Hotel adjacent to the old 1909 mansion overlooking Hollywood.  Accommodations include entrance to the night club.  Or, you can purchase an Open Sesame 30-day trial membership at the door.  Finally, you can just ask your hotel concierge.  Concierges, as everyone knows, are truly magicians and they can do their own special hocus-pocus and produce a reservation for you.  At the very least, let our tour guides show you around the building and tell you stories of magic, mystery and Hollywood dazzle about the castle.  Abracadabra!  Zim-salabim!

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