Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 6 June 2014

Selfies at the Hollywood Sign

Hollywood Sign Selfies

Los Angeles Tour Photography Comes

in Many Forms

In today’s world everyone is a photographer and everything gets photographed.  Despite the fact that all our guests these days are equipped with cellphones and tablets with camera capabilities, if not actual cameras ranging from point-and-shoot to sophisticated digital SLRs such as we use on all our tours, we still manage to get the shots that our private Los Angeles tour families appreciate finding in the photo albums they get with their tour.  Are we that good?  Well, yes.  But remember we are out there every day in every conceivable lighting situation throughout the year so we get a lot of practice snapping a good photograph very quickly.  Just like this photo of the kids getting their shots of the Hollywood Sign on a nice spring day.  After enough photos of the family, both posed and candid, we then have a chance to capture a more considered, aesthetic view of our everyday world, as the photo below demonstrates.

The Hollywood Sign and fresh spring flowers in bloom

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