Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 13 June 2014

A Sunset Los Angeles Tour Is Breathtaking

Another beautiful Santa Monica beach sunsetA Los Angeles Tour When the Sun Goes Down

We understand that most of our guests believe their private Los Angeles tour should occur during the day when Hollywood is hopping and the beautiful people are up and about in Beverly Hills.  It is true that southern California life enjoys the splendid sunshine and businesses are bustling during daylight hours.  However, the city is exquisite as the sun sets.  From downtown with the glass towers reflecting the orange glow of the skies to the beaches where everyone seems to hesitate and look to the west as the sun lowers into the ocean.  It is a daily drama that cannot be beat.  The neon lights flicker on and Los Angeles adopts its nighttime mystique.  And believe us, this is also a wonderful time for sightseeing.  It is cooler, the tourist crowds abate, the nightlife emerges (both wild and domesticated) and a whole different look of the city is available to our guests.

A last look at the setting sun in Santa Monica

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