Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 16 June 2014

Loving Hollywood, Loving Los Angeles

Los Angeles tour guest loves Hollywood

Private Tour Hike to Sign with Love

Some of our private Los Angeles tour guests dress formally for their tour with us.  That’s appropriate when we stop for lunch at the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel.  And some of our guests dress in sweats and sneakers, perfectly comfortable for hiking on trails above the Hollywood Sign.  In this case we parked on a sweet Hollywood street and hiked up past the old Batman television show (Adam West, Burt Ward – you remember) location for the Bat Cave and then wound our way up the side of Mt. Lee to the mesa above the Hollywood Sign.  This fun hike is not very taxing but gives our guests a good sense of the California chaparral landscape.  At the top we can look down to see the recently refurbished and repainted letters of the Hollywood Sign.  From another direction the downtown skyscape of our city rises from a plain surrounded by mountains and highways.  You can really sense the 5 million citizens of the City of Los Angeles from this vantage point.  And we love it!  Randy Newman loves it!  Our adorable guest loves it!

She loves Los Angeles as she signs towards the city skyline

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