Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 19 June 2014

Up and Coming Stars?

Everyone is a filmmaker in Los Angeles

Sharp-eyed Los Angeles Tour Guests Spot Young Filmmakers

Ordinarily it is quite easy to spot a film crew on location with all their trucks and film vehicles and police chaperones.  Film production is generally a big production around Los Angeles and always exciting for the locals (they complain but really do enjoy the attention) and especially for visitors to Los Angeles.  As it turns out, location “shoots” range in all sizes from the huge major Hollywood studios with their 18-wheelers, dressing room trailers, costume and office production vehicles, to smaller independent shoots with only a handful of panel trucks all the way down to film students who pack equipment, actors and costumes into a single Japanese coupe and then in true guerrilla film fashion “steal” their shots without benefit of permits or notifications to neighbors.  These little shoots are more difficult to notice.  On a recent private Hollywood tour we saw this young film crew out on Hollywood Boulevard paying homage to the Little Tramp.  Los Angeles is still a filmmaking capital in a way today that would put a smile on Charlie Chaplin‘s face.

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