Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 30 June 2014

Finding Salvation Mountain

Entrance to Salvation Mountain

Our First Private Tour to the Salton Sea and Salvation Mountain

We happily research and locate any destination our guests have in mind no matter where it is or how long it might take to get there.  As we keep repeating here, a custom Los Angeles tour means we go where our guests want to go.  This family toured with us throughout the Los Angeles area over four days and day four was a doozy.  The Salton Sea.  In June.  In the middle of the Colorado Desert.  A major point of interest there – Salvation Mountain.  Leonard Knight began this grand art installation more than 30 years ago and continued to develop it up until his recent death.  Lauded by statesmen and art connoisseurs, it takes volunteers at this time to continue to maintain this large structure made of adobe and straw and paint.  You have to see it to believe it.  The whole area around the sea conjures up images of an apocalypse.  The sea itself was a water engineering accident and now hovers in a state between life and death, a real ecological enigma today.  Will the sea survive?  Will Salvation Mountain continue to stand?  (click any of the images for larger views)

Salvation Mountain in the California desert A closer look at Salvation Mountain in the desert

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