Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 14 July 2014

To Protect and Surf – LAPD’s Finest

Surfboard equipped LAPD police pickup

No K-9 But a Hang-5 on this Los Angeles Tour

If you believe that we were down by the beach on this private Los Angeles tour you would be correct.  This surfboard equipped Silverado pickup is a Los Angeles Police Department vehicle ready to paddle out and surf to protect our citizens.  Do the officers shout “cowabunga” instead of “freeze”?  As smile-inducing as seeing this vehicle is we know the LAPD is working hard to keep our city safe and running smoothly.  Officers of the LAPD have 72 miles of city coastline to watch over so a surfboard on their vehicle makes perfect sense.  Whether on horseback or boats, helicopters, Segways, motorcycles or cruisers we salute our police men and women no matter how they are getting around the city and are always thankful to see them.

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