Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 18 July 2014

Ghost of the Brown Derby

The (former) Brown Derby in Hollywood

Still Talked About on a Hollywood Tour

Ever enjoyed a Cobb Salad?  Would you believe it was created by Robert Cobb, owner of the Brown Derby restaurant and that it was created specifically for Sid Grauman of Egyptian Theater and Chinese Theater fame.  The ingredients were just what Mr. Cobb had on hand when Sid dropped by for something to eat and his toothache made chewing difficult (thus the sliced and diced ingredients of the Cobb Salad).  Today a large multi-use building stands along Vine Street where this once great Hollywood hangout used to be with the Trader Joe’s approximately in the front door of the former restaurant.  When Hollywood was HOLLYWOOD!!! this was the place to be for movie stars, studio executives and other members of the industry.  There were Brown Derbys in Los Feliz, Beverly Hills and the very first one was on Wilshire Boulevard near where the Ambassador Hotel once dominated the block.  The others were not as renowned as the Hollywood establishment and they are all gone now.  All that remains are the great stories to tell as we pass by on a private Los Angeles tour and our guests remember tales of those great days.  Tales and some terrific vintage photos like this one.

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