Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 21 July 2014

Beverly Hills Beautiful City Hall

A different view of Beverly Hills City Hall

Our Private Tour in Beverly Hills Finds New Angles

We do not just drive through Beverly Hills and point to buildings while exploring on a private Los Angeles tour.  We park our custom luxury van often and take short walks to really see everything there is to see and see it from different angles.  We can find some very interesting places to photograph the city.  Beverly Hills City Hall, for instance.  Most just see the building passing by on Santa Monica Boulevard but do not get to examine the beautiful xeriscaped gardens and the public art installations.  Most visitors never even get to look closely at the city’s crest.  With its population of about 35,000 people situated in 6 square miles the city can be seen in three divisions: above Sunset, above Wilshire and below Wilshire.  There is also the Golden Triangle and within that the Mile of Style.

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