Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 22 July 2014

Summertime Hike to the Hollywood Sign

A view from the Hollywood Sign to downtown Los Angeles

Our Favorite Family Tour Hike in Los Angeles

There are a number of reasons we like to suggest our Hollywood Sign hike to our private Los Angeles tour guests requesting a sightseeing adventure that involves some health and fitness activity.  Mostly, the hike is very family friendly.  The trail is a service road, wide and smooth with an easy grade to it.  No creeping through dense chaparral brush, no going where there might be mountain critters basking calmly in the sunshine, no sheer cliffs to scale or large rocks to climb.  Also, the hike reveals all kinds of places along the way to talk about movies and television as it has been used as a location set in so many familiar shows and films.  And finally there are the views from the top of Mt. Lee, above and behind the Hollywood Sign.  Throughout the year this view is spectacular as we can see over the entire Los Angeles basin.  When the skies are clear you can see the mountains to the east and Catalina Island to the west.

The view over the Hollywood Sign to the ocean

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