Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 28 July 2014

High School for the Hollywood Stars

Hollywood High School, Sunset Boulevard entrance

Our Los Angeles Tour Looks at Hollywood High School

This edifice in the center of Hollywood has been serving students since very early in the last century.  Now on the National Register of Historic Places Hollywood High School has seen to the education of a long list of recognizable names, and not just actors and filmmakers.  We still are mourning the recent passing of one of Hollywood High School’s graduates, James Garner.  The school’s central Hollywood location and appearance make it a good location to film television and movies (while not disturbing the teachers and students) so you may see it often on film.  A mural on the theater building celebrates a few of the most famous actors and performers to have spent time studying their 3Rs gets the attention of our private Los Angeles tour folks every time we drive past.


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