Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 30 July 2014

Stand Back! Incoming Waves on Catalina Island

Dramatic wave break in Avalon (Catalina Island)

Why Our Private Tour Guests Were So

Happy to Fly to Catalina

July weather means clear blue skies and warm days in southern California and Los Angeles.  However, out to sea it is another matter as large storms just above the equator churn up the ocean and send surges of water north to land on our coast.  This is what surfers dream about and Sunday sailors dread.  We flew our private Los Angeles tour guests on a luxury helicopter out to Catalina Island for a day of sightseeing.  Some of the great sights occurred as we walked away from the helipad and witnessed massive waves breaking against the promenade in Avalon.  Warm, sunny and peaceful everywhere but on the water.  There nothing but drama.  Suddenly Irwin Allen and his disaster movies came to mind.  Nothing like Sharknado, of course, but definitely fun to watch the big waves and the high spray.

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