Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 22 August 2014

By the Beautiful Bay in Santa Monica

The Santa Monica Bay seen from our helicopter

Our Helicopter Tour Highlights the Los Angeles Coast

Looking at the photograph (click the image to see a larger, clearer picture) it is easy to understand why native American people and early pioneers settled this coastline as soon as they first saw it.  Besides the rivers flowing down from the mountains, the arable fields, the wildlife and the mild weather, there is a beauty to the Los Angeles coastline that just takes your breath away.  We know of a number of fine vista points along the palisades and in the mountains to enjoy spectacular views of the bay and beaches that we show our guests from our custom luxury van, but the best vantage points are from the air when we are aboard one of our luxury helicopters enjoying a private scenic tour of all of Los Angeles.  That means Hollywood and Beverly Hills, Brentwood and Bel Air, all seen from above.  That’s a lot of pretty buildings and homes but, oh yes, the coast, the beaches, the island chain offshore, the surfers and other sea life, now those are views and photographs you do not get anywhere else.

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