Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 25 August 2014

Beauty and Dread Together on Our Manson Family Tour

Beautiful railroad pass on our Manson tour

Reliving the Manson Family Days on Our Private Tour

A couple of times a year we can count on having a private Los Angeles tour guest request a tour featuring sights associated with Charles Manson and his murderous clan.  There is much to see of a frightful nature right in Hollywood and nearby neighborhoods but we can generally count on our guests wanting a little more.  That means a trip up into the north part of the San Fernando Valley to visit the old Spahn Movie Ranch in Chatsworth.  Just looking over the area you can see why movie companies loved this scenic area for filming their westerns, a staple during a part of Hollywood’s history.  But the former movie location was also the home of Mr. Manson and his family and we explore their old digs and recount stories to give our guests background where they might not know the facts.  However, sometimes our guests are experts themselves and help us to find the sights they seek, like the cave that featured the family in a 1969 Life magazine spread.

Our guest holding the LIFE photo in the actual cave

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