Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 5 September 2014

“God-damn, I’m the stuff men are made of!”

Statue of John Wayne in Beverly Hills in front of Hustler Building

Our Private Tour Guests Enter Beverly Hills

Watched by John Wayne

We make an entry into the City of Beverly Hills along Wilshire Boulevard from the east and immediately encounter the 21′ high bronze sculpture of John Wayne.  Atop a pedestal depicting a cattle drive The Duke keeps a keen eye on doings in front of the building.  Sculpted by Harry Andrew Jackson (nee Harry Shapiro, it’s Hollywood after all) the impressive artwork was commissioned by Great Western Bank for whom John Wayne was a long time spokesperson.  The building at the time housed and was named for that banking institution.  Time changes all things and the bank changed hands and then so did the building until now it is owned by Larry Flynt, publisher of Hustler Magazine.  There was once talk of moving the John Wayne statue south to Newport Beach, away from an association with Flynt and to the community where John Wayne spent his last years.  However, the statue remains and even with fewer and fewer visitors remembering John Wayne and his manly stuff the tall man on the high horse continues to be a magnificent greeting to Beverly Hills.

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