Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 12 September 2014

A Grand Visit to the Grand Canal in Venice Beach

The Grand Canal in Venice Beach

Our Private Tour Guests Happy with the

Ducks Instead of Gondoliers

Venice Beach has a remarkable history and remains today one of the most interesting and enjoyable beach communities to visit along the roughly 1,000 miles of California coast (depending on how you measure, from 840 – 3,400 miles so let’s just agree on 1,000 miles for now).  Of course the Venice Boardwalk is fun with its boutiques, retail stalls, entertainers, wacky residents, excellent food vendors, Muscle Beach bodybuilders, paddle tennis players, skateboarders, artists, tattooers and tattooed and so much more.  The little town is so cute.  And then there are the canals.  Just a quarter of the canal system remains from the days of Abbott Kinney who envisioned this community at the turn of the last century as the ultimate Los Angeles playground.  He was right.  He’s still right.  Our pretty private Los Angeles tour guests are enjoying their walk along the Grand Canal.  Some day they will be here again under more romantic circumstances and without dad photobombing their picture.

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