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Joan Rivers Remembered on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

An outpouring of sentiment at Joan River's Hollywood Walk of Fame star

A Touching Moment with Joan Rivers That

We Share with Our Private Tour Guests

This has been a sad time for Hollywood.  With the unexpected loss of both Robin Williams and Joan Rivers in such a short time we can hardly catch our breaths or wipe our eyes dry.  We are thankful that as guides to the Hollywood experience we can bring our private Los Angeles tour guests to the Hollywood Walk of Fame and stand at the stars’ stars to enjoy the mementos and messages left by fans.  Maybe leave a message of our own.  A closer look at the mementos on Joan Rivers' Walk of Fame starAs always the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce places a beautiful wreath above the star in the middle of the sidewalk and almost immediately candles, flowers and notes of all kind begin to appear.  As sweet as the ceremony is to welcome a new star to this honored tradition of recognizing their accomplishments in the entertainment industry, it is equally touching that so much respect is paid when they pass away.  A closeup of a message left on Joan Rivers' Walk of Fame starBoth Robin and Joan touched a huge population of nightclubers, movie goers and television watchers and everyone it seems has favorite jokes, quotes and memories of them that instantly bring a smile.  We will certainly miss them both.

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