Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 24 September 2014

Venice Beach at Night Long Ago

A lovely vintage night photo of the Venice Beach main drag

Our Private Tour Guests See Venice Does Not Look Like This Any More

Our private Los Angeles tour guides love to show our guests photographs of Los Angeles taken in the past when we are at the same spot during our tour.  Much as the idea behind one of our favorite tour books, Los Angeles – Views of the Past and Present by George Jezek, we allow our guests to see how Venice has changed over the decades.  Besides the loss of the Grand Lagoon and the trolley cars from the past, the apparent order shown in this vintage photograph looking up Windward toward the lagoon has been replaced by an energetic craziness and mild chaos.  The overhanging sign and suspended clock are long gone but the moon does continue to shine down on the evening activities of this fun loving beach community.

Los Angeles – View of Past & Present

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