Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 30 September 2014

A Wonderful Hidden Inn Treasure – Hotel Bel Air

Lovely sun dappled photo of the Hotel Bel Air sign

A Fancy Lunch for our Luxury Tour Guests

So often our private Los Angeles tour beginning in the morning will extend through lunch and our guests, not wanting to end their sightseeing excursion with us, will ask us to suggest a fitting restaurant that will be exciting, excellent and exemplary for their visit to our beautiful city.  If we are in the vicinity of the Hotel Bel-Air at that time then it is well worth the drive up Stone Canyon into the wooded enclave next to Beverly Hills to spend time exploring this grand inn where discretion and quiet are the modus operandi.  The Wolfgang Puck restaurant there caters to those with epicurean tastes and satisfies everyone’s inner gourmand.  We are never surprised at whom of the Hollywood celebrities we might see dining there but generally there are always recognizable faces enjoying a quiet, private meal with friends or business associates.  And, oh, the stories our guides know about the history (notable and scandalous) that they can relate while visiting the Hotel Bel-Air.

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