Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 6 October 2014

Smart Cars of Art

“Get a Picture of That” Say our Private Tour Guests

A Smart car decorated like a gardenThere are people, places and things all around Los Angeles that you just don’t see anywhere else.  Self-expression comes in so many forms in southern California and our very tolerant public, in fact quite appreciative public, just encourages this kind of activity.  Here are photos of two Smart Cars we saw on a single private Los Angeles tour one recent afternoon in and around Hollywood.  One was appliqued and festooned with plastic flowers and looked like a wheeled bouquet from an English garden.  The other was a eco-friendly version of the DUKES OF HAZZARD muscle car the General Lee (which we also saw recently parked on the Sunset Strip).  A tiny Dukes of Hazzard No. 1 General LeeIs Los Angeles crazy about cars?  You bet we are.  Cars never really die here (no rain, no salt on the roads, lots of mechanics and car enthusiasts).  We have so many miles of roads and spend so much time on them that a cool car is really the way to go and it is good to make your ride truly unique.

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