Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 8 October 2014

Cary Grant and His Siamese Cat Walked Here

Cary Grant walks his cat in Beverly Hills

Our Private Tour Guests See This Corner of

Beverly Hills All the Time

This vintage photograph of movie star Cary Grant walking his Siamese cat in Beverly Hills is currently swirling through the internet and landed in our inbox.  We pass by this corner regularly as we explore the area of Beverly Hills south of Wilshire Boulevard, “Lower Beverly Hills” to some of the locals, where the less fortunate of the well-to-do live.  The movie CLUELESS reminds us that Sunset Boulevard is a dividing line in the social strata much as Wilshire Boulevard is.  Three distinct price ranges for homes in this lovely city.  The homes here beneath the Golden Triangle are lovely, if modest, and the neighborhoods peaceful, and we love showing the area off to our private Los Angeles tour guests because there are so many celebrity homes around here and stories to be shared.

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