Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 9 October 2014

Fashion to Come in Beverly Hills

Private Tour Stops to See New Fashions

Fashion shoot on a Beverly Hills residential streetWhen a film company or major advertising company arranges to work on a Los Angeles street there are policemen, sawhorses, cones and lots of big trucks and milling craftspeople.  And then there are the guerrilla shoots.  These are generally film and art school students or aspiring young directors stealing shots for their films and portfolios.  While not discouraged by the cities there is some administrative bureaucracy the photographers and filmmakers must endure to get their permits so…they…don’t.  They take their guilty-looking crews out and quickly set up and photograph their subjects or run their scenes.  Our guides see this often and entertain our private Los Angeles tour guests with anecdotes from their own glorious film pasts.  Rodeo Drive fashion shoot preparing to set upThese two photos (click for larger images) were captured on recent tours in Beverly Hills.  One is on a palm-lined residential boulevard and the other on Rodeo Drive in the Golden Triangle, a retail and business district in Beverly Hills where fashion reigns.  Could these be new fashions we can expect in the coming year?  We here at Elite Adventure Tours certainly appreciate the Afghan or Borzoi and would love to have a tour with a family bringing one of those fine dogs along.

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