Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 29 October 2014

A Cool Cat in Hollywoodland Greets Our Private Tour

Cat statue of Figaro welcomes visitors to Hollywoodland

We Stop on Our Private Tour in Hollywoodland to Pet Figaro

Entering Hollywoodland through the giant stone portals of this historic land development area arising from the growing movie industry in the early 1920s there is a tiny village with a grocery, restaurant, antiques store and other small businesses.  A plaza is situated around the widened intersection which just invites us to stop and take pictures of Hollywoodland Realty and spend a little time with Figaro (above), a Sharon Loper artwork.  The calm beast attracts the cat lovers among our private Los Angeles tour guests who want to be photographed with the bronze sculpture.  The neighborhood is home to bobcats, polecats and even mountain lions (possibly) in addition to the expected Hollywood cats that help control the rodent population along with the indigenous rattlesnakes.  Just above us on the mountainside is the great Hollywood Sign.

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