Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 31 October 2014

Oscar in Hollywood Brings Smiles to Los Angeles Tour

It is time to begin thinking about Oscar nominations

Smile with Oscar for Your

Los Angeles Tour Photo Album

We admit that our luxury private tour of Hollywood, Beverly Hills and all the great sights and destinations in and around Los Angeles creates amazing memories for all of our guests.  To help with those memories, to share and revisit them years from now we photograph all of our tours and create a tour photo album of digital images for all of our guests.  Each of our guides is equipped with a high end digital SLR camera.  We even preview the images for our guests in our vehicles so they can relive their tour, the fun and discoveries, before we drop them off at their final destination.  What we notice is that all of our guests are beautiful, photogenic and film stars in their own right with a photo album to prove it.  Now that’s a luxury tour of Los Angeles.

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