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The Mysterious Kingdom of the Arroyo

Visit the Magical Arroyo on a

Private Tour in Pasadena

The cover of a new children's fantasy The Mysterious Kingdom of the ArroyoThe Mysterious Kingdom of the Arroyo is a powerful children’s fantasy written by a friend of ours who lives overlooking the fantastical Arroyo Seco in Pasadena.  Within the arroyo seco (“dry creek” in Spanish) our private Los Angeles tour guests can explore the Rose Bowl Stadium, Kidspace Museum and the Pasadena Aquatics Center (mentioned in the book).  The arroyo runs from near the Jet Propulsion Laboratory to the north, an area once inhabited by Chief Hahamongna and the Tongva indians all the way into South Pasadena where it feeds into the Los Angeles River.  The dry creek is largely cemented now as part of flood controls from 1920 Army Corps of Engineering efforts to prevent damage from the occasional massive rains that inundate the area.  The Devil’s Gate Dam stands where rapids would arise during these infrequent deluges.  But there is still woodland and open creek bed, ponds and …

… there is magic in the arroyo, too, captured by Boualem Bousseloub in his lovely adventure of a young boy named Astor.  Astor’s mother suffers from severe depression since the death of her husband, his father, in a tragic accident, yet the boy allows himself to be led by a giant rabbit, Blanca, to find a way to cure the unknown illness that plagues Lady Irena, who with her husband Lord Iridio, rule the magical kingdom.  Astor must learn to rely on his own strengths and the teachings of his father and grandmother to avert the chaos that would ensue from the failing health of Lady Irena.

A look at the magical woodland of the arroyo in Pasadena

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