Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 24 November 2014

Lakers Basketball After a Los Angeles Tour

Outside the Staples Center on Lakers game night

Lakers Fans Travel to Los Angeles from

All Over the World

There was a time when we would be surprised that our private Los Angeles tour guests from far, far away would be eager to arrange to have our tour guide drop them off at the Staples Center so they could watch the Los Angeles Lakers play basketball.  Now we are quite used to making the arrangements for their tour and game even setting our guests up with last minute tickets.  The Staples Center is also home to another NBA team (L.A. Clippers) as well as a WNBA team (the Sparks) and an NHL team (L.A. Kings).  With three of those teams in their seasons right now the Staples Center is very busy with professional sports events.  But that’s not all.  There are marshall arts and boxing competitions, concerts and all sorts of crowd pleasing entertainments and activities hosted by the fabulous downtown sports arena.  Even without an event the Staples Center is a wonderful sightseeing destination for our guests when we are exploring downtown Los Angeles.

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