Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 11 December 2014

Los Angeles Rain Does Not Spoil a Private Tour

A rainy walk along the Walk of Fame

Our Private Tour Guests Get Their Own Umbrellas

Rain gear is like a first aid kit in our Los Angeles tour vehicles – somewhere in the back but we haven’t seen it for a while.  Knowing that a storm is approaching we do take inventory and check the umbrellas and rain hats because a little wet weather is no reason not to enjoy the sights of Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Malibu.  Our big colorful umbrellas keep the drips off for the most part and, even better, the crowds will be lighter and we can have the whole sidewalk to ourselves and easily see one another.  Shiny, clean roadways and walkways make the city glisten in the daylight and absolutely sparkle after dark when the colored neon lights blink on.  While it mostly rains at night (ala Camelot) and generally softly with little or no wind an occasional storm can be dramatic and provide a good way to wash down the palm trees and clear out the storm drains.  This is all a part of Los Angeles life for us and we hope to share these occasional damp interludes with our private Los Angeles tour guests from time to time.  We can even take our guests up into the nearby San Gabriel Mountains in the winter when we have snow.

P.S.  Who is Richard Chamberlain?

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