Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 12 December 2014

We Park Next to Our Helicopters

As we take off we can look down on our other aircraft

Our Home Heliport is Handy for a Los Angeles Tour

We have four locations readily available to us to begin a luxury helicopter tour of Los Angeles, usually in addition to a private custom ground tour in one of our street vehicles.  Our home base in Van Nuys is a regular takeoff location but we also can arrange to begin the flight in Burbank or Santa Monica.  Generally we suggest using the heliport closest to our guests’ hotel to minimize driving time.  For the most exciting flight, especially for first-timers in a helicopter, we can also leave from the roof of a downtown Los Angeles skyscraper.  With envious office workers peering out the windows of their neighboring windows at us our sleek French aircraft rises up off the roof and is immediately in a forest of tall buildings, the busy streets far below.  The view is spectacular and exhilarating.  Our return is even more exciting as we descend into the skyline to what seems like too small a patch of roof but then gently alight on the marker.  Our pilots are the best.  Here are some earlier postings you might want to read.

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