Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 15 December 2014

Mother Goose Pantry, Once in Pasadena, Still in Mind

Vintage photo of former Pasadena restaurant circa 1920s

A Place We Can’t Take our Private Tour Guests to

See in Los Angeles

It is not because we wouldn’t like to show them additional examples of what we have learned are called mimetic, vernacular or programmatic architecture (buildings designed to resemble objects related to the business) but the popularity of this style is mostly faded and the buildings are long gone.  The vintage photograph today shows the Mother Goose Pantry constructed on Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena.  The drive-in restaurant served hearty meals from the whimsical shoe that attracted patrons driving along Route 66 from the east coast to Los Angeles.  This was back in the 1920s.  We still have a couple of fine examples of strange and fanciful building design to examine on a private Los Angeles tour for our architecture and history-minded guests (Google nee Chiat-Day, Randy’s Donuts, the Witch’s House come right to mind).  If you really want to feel that you missed the best of times take a good look at the Mother Goose Pantry menu.

We miss the Mother Goose Pantry restaurant and prices

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