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The Hollywood Sign and Its Neighbors

Imagine living by this iconic billboard, the Hollywood Sign

Our Private Tour Takes You to the

Hollywood Sign to Look at Houses

Every city has its landmarks, those sights and locations that every visitor must experience to know they were in that metropolis.  Ask anyone what is the most famous destination in Los Angeles and they will tell you it is the Hollywood Sign.  Since 1923 those letters in one form or another, and in good, bad and then good condition, have been luring sightseers up to Mt. Lee above Hollywood to marvel at this iconic symbol of the entertainment industry.  At the same time the sign went up there were homes being constructed along the ridges and up and down the hillsides.  After all, the original sign, HOLLYWOODLAND, was just a billboard for a new housing development when the movie studios were remaking the sleepy town neighborhoods and turning the worlds’ eyes to Hollywood.  Our private Los Angeles tour takes our guests up here to see and photograph the sign but we spend time describing the notable homes and characters who populated this lofty area from way back then until right now.

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