Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 29 December 2014

The Clouds Part and There is a Los Angeles Beach

Beautiful photograph of the Santa Monica Pier from the palisade

Our Private Tour Sees the

Best of the Beaches

The clouds always part after a short stay in Los Angeles and the sun shines through to reveal a beautiful city.  Wide beaches form the western border of our fair metropolis which draw waders, swimmers, surfers and strollers all through the year.  Between Malibu and Manhattan Beach there is Santa Monica whose beach is split by a pier full of amusements, rides, souvenirs and food offerings to entertain and delight all of our private Los Angeles tour guests.  We walk our guests along the palisades and look down on the homes built along the Pacific Coast Highway, some historic movie star homes built in the 1920s when there was not much else around here and it seemed a long drive through open space back to Hollywood.  Whether you are here for the sunshine or sightseeing be sure to direct your luxury private tour guide to bring you to the beaches of Los Angeles.

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