Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 13 January 2015

365/24/7 – The Original Pantry Cafe in Los Angeles

The Pantry in downtown Los Angeles on a Sunday morning

Special Eats for Our Downtown Tour

Historic restaurants and downtown Los Angeles?  You betcha.  From Philippe’s to Cole’s, Yang Chow to Pacific Dining Car, good food in the ambiance of an older time is available for those looking for these fine establishments.  One of the best is The Original Pantry Cafe located near the Los Angeles Convention Center and L.A. Live right in the heart of all the newest downtown action.  Long before these new skyscrapers and arenas, theaters, museums and hotels arose, way back to 1924 (we know, that’s nothing, except this is Los Angeles and ancient is anything more than 25 years old), these blocks of Figueroa were ordinary downtown blocks, nothing special.  The small Pantry Cafe opened up and despite having to move a block to accommodate a freeway offramp has not been closed (so the lore goes) since that opening day.  No need for locks on the doors because the stove is always hot and Los Angelenos are always hungry.  This is no chain restaurant, either.  Currently owned by former Mayor Richard Riordan, the menu varies a bit from day to day and is written on a chalk board for anyone unfamiliar with the selections.  It is pretty much a steak and potato, bacon and eggs sort of place, just as it was in the beginning, way back in 1924.  Our private Los Angeles tour can bring our guests here for a meal as we explore downtown though as you can see there might be a bit of a wait.

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