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Thelma & Louise’s ’66 Thunderbird at the Reagan Library

The '66 blue Thunderbird driven by Thelma & Louise

A Special Exhibit with Cars for

Our Private Tour

Los Angeles could easily rebrand itself as “Cars ‘R Us.”  We love and embrace our automobile culture and celebrate our favorite vehicles whenever we can.  It helps that old cars never die in southern California.  A Mediterranean climate and an automotive and engineering history in the region keep our cars humming.  Even more, we have a special industry that treasures cars as timepieces and symbols of past eras – Hollywood.  It is no small wonder that our private Los Angeles tour guests oooh and ahhhh whenever we pass a classic car or see a cutting edge machine displayed in a Beverly Hills showroom.  Back to cars and movies.  Several very familiar autos are part of a special exhibit at the Reagan Library and Museum.  One of them (above) is the 1966 blue Thunderbird driven by THELMA & LOUISE.  After Thelma (Susan Sarandon) defends Louise’s (Geena Davis) honor in the parking lot of an Oklahoma roadhouse by shooting and killing Harlan Puckett (Timothy Carhart) the girls embark on a road trip that soon becomes a crime spree adventure.  The story does not end well but as luck would have it the beautiful T-bird survives the filming and is ready for car lovers to enjoy in this wonderful exhibit.  Also on display is the first Tim Burton Batmobile and John Travolta‘s custom Ford from GREASE.

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