Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 21 January 2015

The Cars of Beverly Hills

Unusual car seen near the Beverly Hills Hotel

An Unexpected Private Tour Sight in Beverly Hills

Our guide and office staff do not even know where to start in trying to identify this vehicle.  Our private Los Angeles tour was passing by the Beverly Hills Hotel when out popped this red roadster and a couple of cool dudes enjoying a sunny January afternoon.  Readers of our blog know that we capture photos of all kinds of automobiles and conveyances on the streets of Beverly Hills and Hollywood.  Many are the latest models of luxury cars, some are imported roadsters and sedans not seen often on U.S. streets, and then there are the vintage vehicles kept meticulously and in perfect working order decades after they were manufactured.  And, we should not forget the cars and machines made famous in television and movies which show up from time to time on the streets of Los Angeles.  You can view our “car” blogs by clicking this link.

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