Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 22 January 2015

Float on over to the Zep Diner in Los Angeles

The Zep Diner was part of a crazy time in building design

We Find Fun Diners for Our Private Tour

Sadly, the Zep Diner is no more.  Gone along with America’s fascination with dirigibles and blimps.  With the exception of the Goodyear blimp moored in Carson just south of Los Angeles and the regular visits of several other television camera-equipped, sporting event covering floating airships, our skies are much more filled with passenger aircraft and police and news helicopters.  But back in the day (1920s, 1930s) massive airships like the Hindenburg, the Graf Zeppelin and the U.S.S. Los Angeles captured our imagination and inspired our art and design.  One manifestation of this inspiration was the Zep Diner, home of the “Hinden Burger,” which sat on a major road leading into downtown Los Angeles coincidentally near a Goodyear tire manufacturing plant.  There were a large number of programmatic (or mimetic) structures (designed to look like common objects) all around Los Angeles (like Mother Goose giant shoe and the Brown Derby).  There are few of these structures remaining today though our private Los Angeles tour guides do know where they were located and can talk about this with our guests.

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