Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 28 January 2015

Malibu Beach Homes on a Private Tour

A walk on the stars' beach

The Tide is In for our Private Tour to Malibu

A winter storm over the ocean nearby bypasses the Los Angeles coast so we get no rain but the dramatic tide is a sure sign the storm is a big one.  Our private Los Angeles tour guests were treated to a good look at the tidal surge as we escorted them along the rocky shoreline above where the sandy beach would normally be.  You can bet that the folks owning these fabulous beach homes along the coast enjoy their view of the roiling sea (and the sound of crashing waves) just below their cantilevered decks.  Our guests are always impressed when learning that Malibu is really a 26-mile long strip of southern California coastline and that most of the homes and businesses are situated in a long narrow area nestled between the beach and the Santa Monica Mountains along the Pacific Coast Highway.  The coast, the mountains and the highway make for a dramatic sightseeing experience for visitors to Los Angeles.  We urge our guests not to limit their tour to Hollywood and Beverly Hills because there is so much more to Los Angeles than those glitzy and glamours neighborhoods.

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