Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 9 February 2015

OMG! The Hollywood Sign is Huge!

First look at the giant Hollywood Sign

Our Private Tour Guests Gasp with Surprise

This is the “money shot” in filmmakers parlance, when our private Los Angeles tour guests turn the corner and there right in front of them is the bright white giant Hollywood Sign.  Our guides all know to walk ahead and have their cameras ready to capture the great looks and expressions we see on the faces of our guests.  You can see the sign reflected in our young friend’s sunglasses (click the image for a closer look).  Surely this is a true Kodak moment even if we are using expensive Nikon digital SLR cameras.  This particular photograph will be provided to our family in a tour photo album and shared with all her friends and classmates, fer sure!  It really is a magical and memorable moment that we are delighted to provide all of our tour guests throughout the year.  Come let us help you to make amazing memories on your visit to Los Angeles.

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