Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 10 February 2015

Just Food for Dogs – A Private Tour Stop for Our Dog Guests

Fresh prepared nutritious meals for dogs in Los Angeles

All Dogs Get Special Treatment on Our Private Tour

We are a Los Angeles tour company that specializes in custom luxury tours for the entire family and that includes the family dogs.  We welcome our four-footed friends aboard our vehicles at any time and have special destinations in mind whenever a fuzzy guest joins us on a private Los Angeles tour.  Celebrity dog parks, houses of dog movie stars, even Beverly Hills fire hydrants are going to be a part of the tour.  One “must see” destination is Just Food For Dogs, a kitchen and bakery whose sole purpose is to provide dog owners with a natural and healthy choice for food for their pets.  There are four stores for us lucky enough to live in the Los Angeles area so we can shop for our pups.  The stores also offer delivery and shipping for anyone unable to get to a store.  All the food is carefully prepared from wholesome ingredients in accordance with the best veterinary science and nutrition data to guide the cooking and baking.  Custom orders for dogs with special dietary needs are available.  Come to Los Angeles, bring your dog, and join us for a wonderful sightseeing adventure through Hollywood and the rest of the city including a stop at Just Food For Dogs.

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