Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 11 February 2015

The San Fernando Valley Makes Films

Our private Los Angeles tour guest enjoys a view overlooking the San Fernando Valley

A Private Tour of Los Angeles Can Include

Our Neighbor Valley

“Would you like to see….?” is a question our tour guides utter regularly as they work with our private Los Angeles tour guests on each journey to determine the best routes and destinations to get them to all the sights they want to see.  Anyone living in Los Angeles knows how many fascinating and historic places there are and our guests soon get the idea.  Outside of the usual Hollywood and Beverly Hills locations we visit we might take our excited guests up along the ridges where they can enjoy views like this one.  The San Fernando Valley stretches out 180° between the Hollywood Hills and the taller San Gabriel Mountains to the northeast.  The giant valley contains some of the richest film production grounds in the world, maybe $23 billion worth of creative economic effort every year.  In the photograph are Universal, Warner Bros. and Disney studios, three of the Hollywood majors.  All around are smaller production companies busy throughout the year bringing us entertainment content in the way of television and movies distributed through all the media channels we know and those that will come to be.  Until you see it for yourself, preferably from a vantage point like this one, it is difficult to fathom how extensive this entertainment universe really is.

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