Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 12 February 2015

Sometimes It Rains in Los Angeles

Clouds in Los Angeles at sunset?  Sometimes.

A Little Rain Does Not Dampen Our

Private Tour Guests’ Spirits

When the sunset glows like this on a golden downtown skyline everyone just takes a deep breath of clean city air and marvels at the beauty of nature.  We joked with our guide back at the office after the tour that we could not see the faces of his private Los Angeles tour guests but we know that all of our guides know how to take a photograph into the sun to get shots like this during our custom luxury tour.  It is all in the timing and our guests, who were staying at a downtown hotel, got a good look with us of the area around downtown Los Angeles as the storm moved out.  Even during the rain they had a perfect time (we have sufficient rain gear on board all our vehicles) when we visited Hollywood and Beverly Hills as the precipitation deterred many other visitors from spending time around the major sights.  Our private tour was really private, the storm a blessing in disguise.  Plus, everyone knows how desperate California is for rainfall and no one begrudges us an occasional daytime cloudburst during our “rainy” season.

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