Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 18 February 2015

Marina del Rey on a Yacht Tour of Los Angeles

A sea level look at Marina del Rey

Enjoy a Sightseeing Tour of Los Angeles on a Yacht

We have our private Los Angeles tour guests up in the air in our luxury helicopters as well as driving through the fanciest neighborhoods around Hollywood and Beverly Hills.  We also take them aboard some incredible private yachts for a look at Los Angeles from sea level.  Departing from the most beautiful man-made harbor in the country, Marina del Rey, our luxurious vessel skims through the harbor and out to sea, the Santa Monica Bay, where we head up the coast toward Malibu.  This tranquil and comfortable ride gives us lots of time to describe the history of coastal Los Angeles and examine, with binoculars, some of the fabulous celebrity homes that line the shore.  We also have the opportunity to interact with adorable sea creatures like sea lions, harbor seals, porpoises, dolphins and yes, whales.  Gray whales range through the channel in their season but we have had recent sightings of blue and killer whales, too (OK, maybe not all the creatures are adorable).  Everyone comes to Los Angeles and the ocean is a great place to meet.

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