Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 5 March 2015

High at the Hollywood Bowl

The Hollywood Bowl below our helicopter

Our Private Tour Enjoys a Quiet Visit to

the Hollywood Bowl

The 2015 Hollywood Bowl season has been announced and tickets are flying out the door.  Opening the season – Journey.  There is abundant entertainment to be enjoyed at this historic music venue right in Hollywood.  Sing alongs, movie nights, fireworks, world music, full symphony orchestras and more celebrities than you can shake a sound clapper at will fill the nights (and some afternoons) at one of the best outdoor arenas in the land.  Our view from above on this private Los Angeles tour is from the aerial portion of our sightseeing excursion as we circle above the bowl on the way to see the Hollywood Sign.  We will double back in our luxury SUV after the flight and enjoy a nice walk through the park surrounding the bowl and get a close up look at the amphitheater and stage during this off season time.  This is really the best time for sightseeing at the bowl because it is open to the public and just a well kept public park with a really nice history museum.  During the season the amphitheater becomes off limits as concert preparation goes on.

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