Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 9 March 2015

Classic Surfmobile Sighted in Malibu

A classic surf car in Malibu - '73 Ford Pinto Woodie

Our Private Tour Guests Enjoy a Rare Treat

Truly it is our private Los Angeles tour guests who direct their guides to unusual and amazing cars seen on the streets where we travel throughout Los Angeles.  The latest model luxury sedans and roadsters are all around Hollywood and Beverly Hills.  Hummers are ho-hum these days.  Teslas immediately draw the eyes of our car-centric guests.  But the classic vehicles always generate '73 Ford Pinto Woody for sale.  Only $8,500.oohs and ahhhs and “let’s take a picture.”  In Malibu the other day our guide was requested to make a quick u-turn so our guests could examine this 1973 Ford Pinto Woodie.  Even better was noting the surfboard on the roofrack.  What a charming vehicle.  Still more interesting…the vehicle was For Sale.  $8,500.  Such a deal.


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