Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 20 March 2015

Good Fortune in Venice Beach

A Venice Beach automated fortune teller

Our Private Tour Learns the Future in Venice

What worked for Tom Hanks in BIG might bring an amazing adventure to our guests on a private Los Angeles tour while we visited the Venice boardwalk.  Zoltar knows all.  It seems fitting that this rising silicon beach neighborhood of high tech companies and their trendsetting staffs would find joy in an automated fortune teller.  Judging by the crowds we would say that Zoltar is very busy these days.  Does he know who will win Oscars?  What the box office receipts of new releases will be?  Hollywood watchers will want to know.  Which new apps will go viral and their creators become zillionaires?  Will the new Tesla SUV replace the omnipresent Prius on the west side of Los Angeles?  The digital crowd would make use of that information.  And for us, mere Los Angeles tour guides?  We could use some foresight into traffic obstacles and new restaurants.  Oh, and celebrity sightings….please, Zoltar, where is Justin Bieber eating lunch today?

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