Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 24 March 2015

Flying Over CityWalk

Our helicopter tour of Los Angeles flies over the Hard Rock Café

Hard Rock Café Seen below Our

Los Angeles Tour Flight

Unlike taking off in a airliner from LAX at hundreds of miles per hour on a steep climb out of the city or even on a flight path into the airport at a more reasonable speed, when we are flying above the city in a luxury helicopter talking directly to the pilot we can request a closer look (within FAA limits) at places on the ground that capture our interest.  For instance, flying over Universal CityWalk and the studios, which from above look like a very fun toybox, we can get some extraordinary photographs of the very recognizable structures below us like the Hard Rock Café with its white dome and giant red Stratocaster guitar.  CityWalk features entertainment, dining and shopping facilities but all around it movies and televisions shows are being produced and planned.  It is an entertainment mecca within an entertainment mecca (Hollywood).  The VIP Tour of the studios is definitely a “must do” when in Los Angeles and remember to include time to amble long the CityWalk promenade.  Even better, remember to arrange for a private Los Angeles tour to put all of Hollywood and areas like Beverly Hills in proper perspective when you visit our wonderful city.

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